A Magical Journey for Freethinkers, Dreamers & Creators to travel, collaborate & co-create on a Roadtrip.

Project Dates: January, 2020 / Application Deadline: October 31, 2019

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Roadtrip Experience Project is an invite-only travel experiment that brings artists, musicians, designers, filmmakers, storytellers, impact makers, culture shifters and doers from diverse creative backgrounds on a journey to connect, collaborate and create while traveling.

Imagine being on the road with freethinkers like you, co-creating art, film, photo & music projects collectively, connecting with local communities and making magic happen. Over the past 5 editions, RTX has created a Tribe of over 200+ incredible individuals and enabled 100+ collaborations between them.


In the News

The Tribe

The thing is, no matter which Roadtrip you attend, when you come to RTX, you become part of a colourful + magical tribe which believes in collaborations & #makingthingshappen.


Projects from previous RTX

Every edition of RTX weaves some really interesting projects that are not only collaborative but also impactful. Find few of our special projects undertaken on the road for Government, Communities & Special Causes.



The only place in the world that has its history written on the walls. With its wondrous architecture, and a culture as diverse and rich as its past -
RTX 6.0 will drive through a canvas filled with deep green forests, gentle shores and stark white salt plains.

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Application Guidelines & Information

What is this about?
Roadtrip Experience Project is an opportunity for creators to get on a magical journey with mindblowing creators. An opportunity to create art, films, music & photo projects with a gang of insanely talented doers + local communities.

Past editions of RTX Project have taken place in Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Odisha, North East India & Spiti. Each edition of RTX explores a new territory.

Who can attend?
RTX is open to attend for all kinds of creators from artists, musicians, researchers, storytellers, content creators, illustrators, dancers, chefs & actors. In the past the project has had a super diverse and interesting mix of people from design leaders to muralists to jazz musicians and rappers. Check the past attendees here.

What happens on the Road?
On the journey expect a lot of culture, stories, adventures and collaborations. Every RTX, about 5-6 creative + community-inclined projects are created in collaboration, for example - An Art / Mural Project, a Music collab to create a new soundtrack, a documentary/web-series and various story-led photo projects.

Who else comes on the Roadtrip?
Apart from the creators who apply, RTX also invites a mix of unique creators to join the RTX Film Crew & Production Team.

When is the Roadtrip happening?
The Roadtrip Experience Project will travel in Gujarat in January 2020. Actual dates will be shared with you once you apply and get selected.

What is the application process?
RTX Project has a 3-step curation process which includes 2 online forms and one call with the curators. The entire curation process takes about 28 days depending on when you apply. Selections are made on rolling basis - so apply as soon as you can.

How much does it cost & Financial Grants?
The cost to attend the project is USD 1500. However, every edition of Roadtrip Experience Project extends grants up-to 85% to creators. The curation for RTX Project is done by creators from past editions or the Tribe. Grants are provided by partner brands that support the roadtrip financially.

Please note, there is no separate procedure to apply for grants. Just go ahead and apply for the project using the application link.

What RTX is not?
A Holiday!

RTX is an opportunity for creators to get on a life-changing journey, to experience, collaborate and co-create with creators like them. Plus, its an opportunity to become part of a diverse purpose-led tribe.

Love from the Tribe

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An incredible chance to meet creators from different walks of life, but with the same purpose.

Amelie Beret, Animator


RTX is what you need when you have a creative block or any doubt. It leaves you with a lot of refreshing energies.



It's a metaphysical journey that begins on the road, ends inside your mind and stays in your heart.



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