5 Reasons to Get on the Road with RTX


Get ready to travel with a stimulating company with RTX. It's a Road Trip that gives you more than what you expect!

1. Create Bonds, not a Network

A Roadtrip with Creatively charged individuals, that is where it all starts. At RTX4.0 , these minds have been carefully curated to find the best stories, perspectives, skills and vibes from over 800 applications spanning across 9 countries - which is to say that each project we undertake here at RTX, intends to bring together creators that are inclined to connect and bond, to create stories. Maybe you will be a different person or maybe not, but you will definitely not be the same person you walked in as. RTX allows you to find a tribe to belong to, a tribe that believes in your ideas, in you and pushes you to be the best version of yourself. A tribe that will answer your calls for collaboration and conspires with you to create things you have never created before. How wonderful would that be?

2. Accelerate Serendipity

Being amidst creators can lead to creative epiphanies — it can lead to magical collaborations that can change trajectories, maybe you coming up with an idea that you never thought of before or maybe bringing an idea to life that you always thought about but never believed in. On an intervention like RTX, you may never know the kind of things you will stumble upon, the beautiful things that can come out of uncertainties and being outside your comfort zone. 


3. See a country through its Artists, Musicians, Storytellers & Creators

Artists, Musicians, Creators help others define what we cannot. They put words to emotions and feelings to situations. Exploring a country through their eyes allows you to understand the big and small things about the that no travel journal will tell you about. Understanding their lives, their process and their thoughts will give you a door to an entirely different world that you never thought existed and you might end up exploring a country like no one has ever done before.


4. Give back x Leave a little bit of you Behind

The Community Project at RTX is a way to contribute creatively to a community, an organisation or a family to realise their dreams. In the past, during the Roadtrip we make a 3-4 day pitstop to bring someone’s dream to life. It can be touching a remote community of fishermen through art or helping an old couple revive their Tsunami affected Beach house. The community project is a way for you to leave a little bit of you in a country that is not yours while giving back in a meaningful way.


5. Be Part of a Crazy Adventure

Well if none of the above 4 things happen to you at RTX, the roadtrip is still going to be a crazy adventure which will give you a hell of a story to share with the world. It will allow you to create an interesting body of work that you can showcase and share with people in your world. You will also be part of a super-fun web series that will freeze all the crazy moments from the adventure in time.



This article is written by the RTX Team to give you an understanding of how important an intervention like this can be for your creative Journey. We speak for 100's of Creators who have traveled, conspired and created with us.

And here is hands down favourite travel video from Vietnam.

Jay Ahya