General Information


What is this about?

Roadtrip Experience Project is an opportunity for creators to get on a magical journey with mindblowing creators. An opportunity to create art, films, music & photo projects with a gang of insanely talented doers + local communities.

Past editions of RTX Project have taken place in Sri Lanka, Vietnam

Financial Grants

Every edition of Roadtrip Experience Project extends grants upto 75% to attend the project. Creators are expected to add value back to the project by contributing creatively to projects we undertake on the road. The final decision for grants is taken by RTX Curators.

How to Apply for a Grant? There is no seperate procedure to apply for grants. Your application is enough.

Where is RTX happening?

The location & roadmap launches on September 1st, 2019.

Who should apply?

Roadtrip Experience Project is designed for creators from art, film, photography, fashion, music & storytelling. In the past the project has had a super diverse and interesting mix of people from design leaders to muralists to jazz musicians and rappers. Check the past attendees here.

What happens on the Road?

On the journey expect a lot of culture, stories, adventures and collbaorations. Every RTX, about 5-6 creative + community-inclined projects are created collectively: An Art / Mural Project, a Music Collab to create a new soundtrack, a documentary/web-series and various story-led photo projects.

Who else comes on the Roadtrip?

Apart from the creators who apply, RTX also invites a mix of unique creators to join the RTX Film Crew & Production Team.

What RTX is not?

A Holiday!

It’s an opportunity for creators to experiment, find inspiration, collaborate and become part of a colorful purpose-led tribe.


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