Are you ready to get on the road with strangers-soon-to-be-friends, your music and your creativity? We would love to Roadtrip With you!

RTX is a caravan of Creators & Influencers from diverse creative backgrounds on a journey to create art, music, photo, films & impact while traveling, in collaboration with Local Communities & Influencers.



Imagine being on the road with creators like you, empowering, fierce creators that want to change the world. Creators who want to make things happen & are incredible at what they do. Imagine creating art with them, sharing ideas and love โ€” experiencing a different culture, a different cuisine.

RTX is everything that we dream for as creators.

The intention of RTX is to bring fantastic, mind-blowing movement makers, culture shifters together on a journey to meet, connect, explore and in the process collaborate with each other to create things, do things.

This edition of RTX is collaborating with Mahindra XUV500 to support the project.


Your Grant

The cost of the entire journey including Travel, Food, Stay, Projects & Experiences for 12 days is INR 75,000 or $1200 including everything except flights to Odisha 

The curators love what you do and your intention to come to RTX ๐Ÿ’œ and want to extend a grant to you for the creative vibes you can bring to the project.

You have secured a 75% grant to attend the project with other co-creators. The rest of the 25% is nothing but a way to show you are committed to take the project seriously.

The grants for this edition of RTX are supported by Mahindra XUV500. On the road, RTX team would create video & photos for the organisation for their support and time to time during the project will need your support for the same.

Next Step

Accept your invite at the earliest, we cannot hold this invite for more than 3 days.

To confirm your spot, click below to pay your commitment fee to RTX. Grant has been deducted from the fee.



Getting to RTX

RTX will kickstart on the morning of 10th of January 2019 in Bhubaneswar, Odisha. <br>

As soon as you get your RTX invite, please book your flights from your location to Bhubaneswar, Odisha on 10th of January. Cheapest way to reach Bhubaneswar is via New Delhi/Mumbai and other major airports.<br>

Note: You are strongly recommended to book your flights in the morning and something that lands before noon. It's ok if you don't find an early flight, you'll be a little late to the party and not miss anything. :)

Flight Back Home

RTX will culminate in Bhubaneswar on 22nd Night. You may book your flights back home on 23rd January or stay in Odisha longer and explore further.


  • Exclusive life-long entry to the ever-growing eclectic RTX Tribe from India and around the world

  • Exciting additions to your work portfolio

  • New Collaboration & Creation Opportunities

  • Lifelong Connections & Memories with handful of the best Creators in India & the World

  • PR & Media mentions that cover you and your story

Expectations From Travellers

When you get an invite to join the Roadtrip, you are not just invited to be a co-traveler - instead, it's your invite to become part of a huge ever-growing family of terrific individuals from across continents & professions, exchanging inspiration, explorations with a knack for giving back to the community.

With this invitation, come responsibility and some expectations from the team. If you choose to accept this invitation, you will have to adhere to the following guidelines:

  • RTX aims to be a safe space always. You will have to respect boundaries of your co-creators and any behaviour indicating otherwise will not be tolerated.

  • Rights of Admission Reserved - For creativity to flourish, good vibes and a positive attitude is so important. RTX project does not entertain bad vibes & negativity, conversations behind the back, etc. and reserves the right to ask a creator to leave the project if such a pattern occurs.

  • As a collaborator & co-creator, you as a Creator will tangibly contribute to the projects and drive it to closure. Team work makes the dream work, right?

  • You are requested to not come to the project as a guest, but as part of the core team. Which means instead of complaining about the punctured tire, you will take a lead to fix it.

  • Important - You will add value to ideas and dreams of your co-travelers. Give before you take!

  • Create collaboration opportunities for others, dream & conspire for bigger #collaboration

  • Be Creative. Be Life of RTX. Be Creatively Ethical.

  • At any point in time, something or someone bothers you, you will come to the team directly for a resolution. We are great at making things happen & even greater at listening. Trust us!


RTX has enabled 80+ collaborations out of which only 20 collaborations happened on the journey while 60+ collaborations happened after the Roadtrip. The idea lives on, the essence is to create and collaborate through mindful projects and that is where we believe, the real magic lies. We would love for you to keep the collab vibe alive and create interesting things together, even after RTX!

In Focus


JANuary 10 โ€” 22, 2019


Campaign - #Find The X

This season of RTX is created around the theme - Find the X!

We all travel for a reason, we all create for a reason. Sometimes our X is internal, for example we travel to create stories, get perspectives and inspiration โ€” while sometimes our X is external when we travel for adventure or culture.

Externally, X is used to mark the treasure on a map. Internally X is the reason that makes us travel (or create). Our Purpose. Each destination on the Roadmap has itโ€™s own X too! (we will tell you about that later)


January 10 - 11

Reaching Bhubaneswar, Introductions, Orientation & a Party ๐Ÿ‘

January 11 - 14

Visiting a Craft Village, Collaborations with a Dance School & Exploring Konark (a beachtown) ๐Ÿ‘ต

January 14 - 15

Listening to stories of Odisha from a Royal Family & becoming part of their celebration on Makar Sankranti (a indian festival) ๐Ÿ’—

January 15-17

Drive to a Tiger Reserve and Camp out in the Forest

January 17-19

Drive to Indiaโ€™s First Beachhouse and explore itโ€™s story ๐Ÿ˜Ž

January 19

Hangout with a Naturalists + Bird Protector and witness the magnificence of 800,000 Migratory Birds on Asiaโ€™s biggest lake ๐Ÿ˜

January 19-21

Prepare for the Season Showcase & Create a project with worldโ€™s first accredited Tribal University which teaches 27000 children ๐Ÿ˜‡

January 22

Fly Back Home ๐Ÿ’” (or settle down in Odisha :p)



Logistical Deets about Stay, Food, Creative Projects & Travel

  • On each destination the tribe would stay in clean, cozy & comfortable hotels & private stays

  • Lunches, Dinner & Breakfasts will be on the house, except on few days when we are exploring a new place

  • Mode of Travel: Mahindra XUVs

  • Guide Fees/Toll is on us

  • Paints, Studios & other creative projects related costs will be taken care by RTX (doesnโ€™t include Cameras/Gadgets, etc.)

  • If time and logistics permits, we will also host a small showcase of the work created by the creators on the last day of RTX


What kind of collaborations are expected this year?

This year RTX travelers will work on interesting collaborative projects with a heritage dance school and the creative community in Odisha. All projects will involve a range of creative skills and we promise they will be full of energy. Projects on RTX are meaningful and are either fun or for a purpose.

How are applications shortlisted?

Travelers play a key role in setting the Creative Energies on the Roadtrip. Every application goes through a 3-step curation process to get an invite to the journey. The 3-step process has 2 online applications followed by a Skype Call. We have a 2% acceptance rate so you get to travel with the best creators from around the world. Selections are based on:

- What value do you bring to others on RTX?

- How can you tangibly contribute to creating projects?

- Your past work/projects/collaborations

- Your virility and zeal - the magic you bring to the table.

 Who are the other travelers on RTX?

A spirited and congenial mix of curated Musicians, Designers, Illustrators, Artists, Filmmakers, Writers and Photographers will join you on RTX. We aim to create the perfect creative team that is capable of making it happen while on the road.

Have more questions? Write to us at hello@theex.co or drop a note to Jay on Whatsapp at +91-9880009820.